About the Author:


Darren A. Smith spent his first 12 years as a Category Manager at one of the big four UK supermarkets. During this time he managed a number of areas comprising chilled ready meals, cheese, frozen foods, pizza and fresh fruit - an area worth £1bn.


Darren then went on to establish Making Business Matter, a training provider that works with suppliers to the big four UK supermarkets. 

Over the past 12 years, he and his team, have supported supermarket suppliers in improving their negotiation skills, category management, and time management.

Make More Profit by Avoiding These Mistakes

The Benefits of Downloading this Free Guide:

  1. Save money by not making negotiating errors.
  2. Increase sales by presenting opportunities in the way the buyer wants. 
  3. Understand the trust equation and how you can improve trust with your buyer. 
  4. Understand how to hold your buyer to account.
  5. Know how to influence your buyer more positively.

‘What a great read and an excellent illustration of what best practice looks like.  Perfect checklist for haggard Sales Directors
 and eager young sales professionals alike’, by Simon Spence, Sales Director of Westbridge Foods.
Free Guide: Discover how to avoid them all
Are You Making Mistakes as a Supplier 
When Selling to the Big 4 UK Supermarkets?